Terms and Conditions

1. All work carried out by Squires Plumbing Services is covered for leaks for a period of 12 months from installation date, this cover only covers materials supplied by Squires Plumbing Services. If you have purchased your own materials and the materials turn out to be faulty over time it will be down to the discretion of Squires Plumbing Services if the broken part is fixed at a discounted price.

2. Call outs,by ringing and booking an emergency call out you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

2.1. Call outs are charged at a set price of £90 for the first hour of work plus materials.

2.2. During a call out we can only guarantee that the leak will be stopped, we can not guarantee that the cause of the leak can be fixed, and you may be left without water / heating or partial water / heating supply to your property. However every effort will be made to ensure you are left with a useable water supply.

2.3. Call out cancellations , if you have booked in for Squires Plumbing Services to attend an emergency, and if for any reason you wish to cancel the engineer on the way to your property, you must contact us via phone to cancel, if you cancel within 10 minutes of booking no charge will be incurred, however cancelling over 10 minutes from original booking phone call, a £30 charge will be required made payable to Squires Plumbing Service.

3. Squires Plumbing Services does not hold any accountability for the damage of old / worn or incorrectly installed materials. If an old / worn or incorrectly installed part fails during work carried out by Squires Plumbing Services, we can not offer any cover or insurance to cover any damage caused.

4. Squires Plumbing Services accepts no liability for damage caused to walls, floors, Ceilings, or any surface that is in the way of accessing a leak, unless leak is caused by original work carried out by Squires Plumbing Services.

5. Quotes given by Squires Plumbing Services can vary due to unforeseen works that may be required once planned work is started. If the value of unforeseen work is greater than £50 This will be discussed with you (the customer) before going ahead with the work. Also quotes are subject to change due to cost materials increasing. Squires Plumbing Services takes no responsibility for the rise in cost of materials also no responsibility if the price of materials on deals change.

6. Payment of invoice is due within 7 days of work being completed, failure to pay within 7 days of work being completed will result in a £29.99 late payment Charge being issued along with the invoice. From this date a further 7 days is allowed before further action is taken (Further action includes but is not limited to additional charges)

7. If you (the customer) book a job with Squires Plumbing Services (definition of ‘Book a job’ is contacting Squires Plumbing Services and ask for a engineer to be at a location at a set date and time even if the location is not specified) if you wish to cancel to booked job, it is your responsibility to contact Squires Plumbing Services via Phone or Email a minimum of 24 hours of the booked time to cancel. Failure to cancel a job will result in a £90 invoice being issued to make up for preventable lost work.